Sunday, June 12, 2011

What once was lost, but now is found

Guess what I just found? (Well, technically, what Ryan just found.) My glasses, which have been missing since March!  (MARCH!!!)

The last time I remember having them was when I went to Chicago for my cousin's bachelorette party (as discussed here). I was pretty certain that I had left them in the hotel, but since I never received a response to my message for the hotel's lost & found person, I assumed I was mistaken. Figuring they would turn up eventually, I resigned myself to wearing my contacts every day in the meantime.

Finally, after a couple of months, I just couldn't stand it anymore — my eyes get so easily fatigued wearing contacts every day, I like to give them a rest every few days — that I decided to bite the bullet and go get a new pair of specs. Honestly, I had wanted to do that this year anyway since the ones I lost were a few years old. But finding time to go shop for new frames proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. It is definitely NOT a shopping trip that I wanted to take Owen along on, as I had visions of him running around pulling all the glasses off the shelves and inevitably breaking something. Plus, there aren't very many shopping options where I live, so it required a trip to "town" (about 45 minutes away) AND a babysitter.

Anyway, to make a story that is getting way longer than it needs to be, much shorter, I finally found some frames, ordered them last week, and picked them up yesterday. Yes, YESTERDAY. And TONIGHT, Ryan found my old ones. I feel like there's a saying here, like Murphy's Law (which doesn't quite fit), that would exemplify the "as soon as you replace something lost, you find what was lost" feeling I have. But my preliminary Google search for such an adage is coming up empty. Let me know if you know of the phrase I'm talking about. I feel like it exists, but maybe I am just going crazy.

Ryan found the old glasses in the suitcase he is currently packing for his next business trip. I swear I looked in that suitcase multiple times! Crazy!!!

Hmmmmph. Well, hopefully the camera we lost yesterday (we think at the zoo) will turn up, too. Hopefully sooner than three months from now. And hopefully before we invest in a new one!

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