Sunday, June 28, 2009

36 weeks

Why won't this baby turn? I continue to do the "breech tilt" position thing at home (aiming for at least twice a day), I've seen an acupuncturist twice now to do that moxibustion thing (see link for more info), I even had a massage yesterday (although I can't complain one bit about the most relaxing 3 hours at the spa, ever!) But baby seems to be pretty darn comfortable exactly where he is - which currently is head up under my right rib cage, bottom in the opposite lower left, and feet dangling down low, where the head should be. I go tomorrow to meet with a doctor to discuss the ECV procedure I've mentioned in previous posts (also called, version). When I first learned about versions, it seemed like a viable, although unpleasant procedure. But now that it's possibly going to happen this week, I'm quite nervous about it and have tons of questions I need answered satisfactorily before I will agree to it. Hopefully the doctor will be knowledgeable and understanding of my worries.

My list of things to get done before the baby arrives seems to be growing rather than shrinking, even as the weeks remaining are disappearing before my eyes. We did, however, get the crib assembled - in the baby's room - this weekend and plan to get the car seat installed before the day is over, too. Of course, Kinnick (who is healing up nicely from his little accident last weekend) gave both of the new contraptions a spin, but I think you can see in his eyes just how fearful he is of all this strange new baby stuff. Just wait 'til he hears all the crying! : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

35 weeks

So, here we are - only one short month to go. The reality of what is about to happen in our lives is finally sinking in. We started our birthing classes this week, and hearing about ways to work through contractions and labor has probably contributed to that sinking feeling. Don't get me wrong - I am SO excited and can't wait to meet our baby! But that has just been such a distant, almost hypothetical concept up until now. I mean, I know it's going to happen eventually, but it just seemed so far off. And now it is rapidly approaching...yikes...and yay!

My big brother Chuck has been staying with us this week and we've had fun taking him all over Seattle and showing him the sights. I've been proud of myself and my stamina - we've done a lot of walking and, overall, I think I've managed to hang in there pretty well, considering my current condition.

Yesterday, our little Kinnick was attacked by a dog right outside our house. We had to rush him to the emergency vet down in Tacoma and on the drive there, I mentioned to Ryan that this will be a very familiar drive in the not too distant future. (Our hospital is also in Tacoma - about 20 miles away.) And as we sat in the vet's office waiting to hear about our poor little pal's condition, I also commented that I will surely be such a nervous wreck when we inevitably have to rush our baby or toddler to the ER one day. So, I guess it was a good practice run for us, but poor Kinnick is a little worse for the wear, unfortunately. We think he'll survive, though. : )

Sunday, June 14, 2009

34 weeks

This has been a fairly quiet week; not much new to report on the baby. Another ultrasound at my appointment on Friday confirmed that he/she is still breech, so I'm continuing my pelvic tilts and other crazy attempts to get baby to turn. So far, nothing seems to be working. I'm starting to come to terms with the idea that I just might have to have a c-section, though I'm still hopeful that it won't come to that. (I have lots of - somewhat unfounded - feelings about having a c-section, but I won't go into that now. In general, it's something I'm really hoping to avoid.) But everyone keeps telling me that babies can turn at any point and I still have plenty of time. So, I'm trying to remain optimistic and hopeful that this baby isn't as stubborn as his/her mother can sometimes be!

Let's see...what else?? I finally washed and put away a few baby clothes, blankets, and towels. That was fun! Sometimes I just go into the drawer with all the onesies and pick up the tiniest one in there, hold it in my hands, and marvel at just how small and adorable our little one is going to be. And now, more than ever, I'm starting to get so anxious to find out if we'll have a little boy or girl. Up until this point, I really haven't thought much about it, but as the weeks creep by, I find myself constantly wondering what this baby will look like and which of the several names we've poured over will eventually fit. I've always kind of maintained the notion that it will be a boy - based on the strong initial feeling I had in the early weeks of pregnancy, plus the fact that everyone else we know seems to be having girls. But lately, I'm starting to get more of a sense that it will be a girl. I've had a few dreams now about baby and in all of them, she's been a girl. According to my midwife, in her experience, dreams seem to be the best indicator of the baby's true gender, so we'll see...

I also celebrated my 31st birthday this past Tuesday. When I was a kid, I always assumed that by my 30s ( 30s!), I'd already be done having my babies. But as I reflect back, I wouldn't change a single thing - I am truly happy with the course of my life thus far.

In other news, we had a brief visit from Ryan's mom on Friday night and Saturday. She'll be back for a bit longer when she returns from her trip to the Canadian Rockies. And in the meantime, we are very excited to welcome my big brother, Chuck, to Seattle for the first time this coming week! Good times ahead...!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

33 weeks

What a fantastic weekend! Friday night we went to a Mariners game (love those!), Saturday we attended an Infant Safety/CPR class in the afternoon and had dinner with our neighbors that evening. And today, my dear friend Kat hosted a baby shower in my honor. Life is so good!

Not much baby news to report; kid still seems to be stuck in the wrong position, as best I can tell. My midwife should be able to confirm that at my next appointment on Friday. If that's the case, I think my next approach will be to at least look into an acupuncture treatment that is supposed to have some success at turning breech babies around. Normally, I am not one to put much stock into alternative medicines, but if it can potentially prevent having to do the ECV procedure I described last week - and ultimately avoid a c-section - hey, it's worth a shot.

In the meantime, here's a funny photo of me in the "breech tilt" position, doing what I can on my part. Oh baby, I hope you appreciate what Mommy is doing for you!!!  : )