Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saying goodbye

It's never fun, but it's a part of life, I guess. Saying goodbye is hard. It's hard to express your sorrow in words, particularly when it's directed to the person who is leaving. But it's even harder to live with the knowledge that things just won't be the same once they're gone, no matter how much you promise to "keep in touch." Life moves on (as it should!) and our worlds get busy. And keeping in touch requires a lot more effort than you think it's going to. I've done this too many times to believe otherwise. Things will just not be the same. Period.

I am very happy for (and a little jealous of!) my dear friend, Mary S. who is packing up and moving her beautiful family about an hour west of here in just two short days. To think that I only just met her less than a year ago, it amazes me how much I've come to think of her as one of my closest current friends. Besides our names, we share a lot of coincidental similarities, including sons named Owen, degrees from Iowa State, and sisters living in Ankeny and working for the same company (until very recently). It sort of felt like we were destined to know one another!

But probably our finest similarity is our faith in and love for the Lord. I know I've grown in my spiritual journey by having her in my life these past several months and I hope she can say the same thing of me. She's helped me to open up about my beliefs and speak more freely about Christ's love to others. She's encouraged me along my journey and trials through motherhood. She's been a great sounding board for thoughts and ideas and has been a tremendous leader in our MOPS outreach program.

She will be amazing in her new community and will continue to have an impact on those she meets there. I know this to be true. But Muscatine will absolutely feel the loss of Mary. And so will I. I wish her well. No — I wish her ALL the VERY best in life! And I hope to still be a part of it in some small way, here and there. I will be forever changed by her friendship and for that, I am grateful!

I will miss you, friend!

P.S. This free "grass is greener" printable can be found here.


  1. So bittersweet! I am so glad you had the chance to meet your friend, Mary. I regret never having met her, but maybe some day. Iowa City isn't that far.

    No it won't be the same but life is better because you did meet her. Just try to make that effort to keep in touch as much as you can and know she is there for you if you need her.

    I love you.

    P.S. I really like the "grass is greener" sign, just perfect.

  2. Wow, what a flattering first read for the morning! I sure do love you and your family and will miss you guys so much! I could write a novel here for you, but I will send it separately! HUGS!!!