About Me

Hi. I'm Mary and this is my blog. I am also known as "wife" (of 7 years) to Ryan, "mommy" to Owen (who is 3) and Nora (born in May), and "best friend" to Kinnick, our 7-year-old Morkie (i.e., half Maltese, half Yorkshire Terrier).

I spend my days at home in suburban Iowa with a rambunctious and fun-loving preschooler who keeps things lively and my sweet, smiley baby girl. There's rarely a dull moment around here...and that's a good thing!

 Some things I love, in no particular order:

  • coffee (with cream)
  • a glass of good wine
  • dessert (but not with fruit, please)
  • movies that make me cry
  • an organized closet
  • Craftsman-style home decor
  • clearly defined expectations
  • studying the Bible and growing my faith
  • cooking for my family
  • receiving thoughtful greeting cards
  • Hawaii (specifically Maui)
  • attending professional baseball games
  • proper punctuation
  • appropriate sarcasm
  • checking tasks off my to-do list

This blog originally began as a way for me to update my then-far-away family on my journey through pregnancy (and subsequent photos of my ever-expanding belly). Since then, it's taken on a few directions (and titles), but now serves as a place for me to document the general goings-on of life here in the Peterson household.

This may include (but is not limited to!) my thoughts and experiences on food, crafts, home decor, child-rearing (and mishaps), and — in keeping with the title — letting our light shine through an occasional musing on God's Word and his amazing works in our lives.

I'm so glad you've joined me! 
Happy reading...