Friday, December 7, 2012

An apology to my daughter

It's no secret that I've been terrible at keeping this blog updated since Nora was born. But sadly, I also have been remiss in my documentation of her milestones elsewhere. She doesn't even have a baby book. And I am pretty sure that some day, she's going to be disappointed in that fact. So, this post isn't much, but I wanted to at least take just a moment to document a few quick things that she's done recently. And apologize. I'm so sorry, baby girl. You are SO loved! But I have been spending much more time enjoying you (and your brother) than writing about it.

At six months (sorry I don't have specific dates, sweetie), Nora was able to sit up on her own. This has been a huge relief to me because it means that when I set her down (although she still much prefers to be held!) I don't have to lay her on her back. Now she can sit up and play with toys within her reach. She is also starting to reach out beyond her immediate area and grasp for toys just beyond her reach. This sometimes results in her toppling over, but it also makes me believe that she's not far from learning how to crawl. (Although, as I recall, I thought the same thing about her brother and he ended up being a late crawler, so who really knows.)

She also started officially sleeping through the night (as in, no longer getting up one or more times before 6 a.m.) at around six months. Not to invest too much time in comparisons with her brother, but Owen was a rock star sleeper and had this down muuuuch sooner. But she's so sweet, I just love her anyway!

She's been spending much less time breast-feeding and has an increasingly growing appetite for other foods. I've made and fed her all kinds of fruits and vegetables and, with the exception of bananas and avocados (which I intend to keep trying), she likes just about everything.

And just yesterday (at 7 months old), I discovered her first tooth poking through. Just like her big brother (and right about the same time), it's just a sharp, jagged little thing on the bottom gum. You can't even really see it, but I can feel it. (I'm getting a little nervous about breast feeding someone with teeth, but I'm sure it will be fine...right?) I wouldn't be surprised if some other teeth aren't far behind this first little guy because she's ALWAYS got her hands in her mouth and you can just tell she needs to gnaw on something, like, all.the.time.

Ok, that's all I can think of for right now. I'll try to dump this kind of info on here every so often as new stuff happens, but don't hold your breath for regular updates, y'all. I'll do my best, but.....

I was planning to put a few photos on here, too, but apparently I've run out of storage space for images, so I will need to look into that before I can post anymore photos. Bummer. Who has time for that???