Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend recap

Yes, it's Thursday (PM, even!) and I'm just getting around to blogging about last weekend. Hey, you get what you get. Here are the highlights...

My mom and two sisters left early Saturday morning and headed toward Chicago (about a 3-hour-ish drive). Our primary reason for going was to celebrate my cousin Tiffany's bachelorette party, but I was also REALLY looking forward to visiting my long-lost love, IKEA. (Oh, how I miss living closer to one!) I snagged a few items (but kept it under $200, which – for me – is pretty good.) Here are a couple things I'm super excited about:

Fabric that I plan to make a no-sew valance out of  for the
window above my kitchen sink. (SO excited about this project!)
I bought hardware, too.

Check out the crazy-looking "person" in their
do-it-yourself curtain flyer. Creepy!

Plant pot to live next to the leaner mirror
in our bedroom.

Random dark brown frames in various sizes
for a collage wall planned for the living room.

Chalkboard/Whiteboard Easel for Owen.
I've been wanting this little gem (only $15!) since
he was a tiny baby and now that we have an official
"toy room" on its way, I couldn't pass it up. 

New bedding for our room, once it gets painted
(one of these days!)

The bachelorette party was fun, but it made me feel old. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much older I am than most of the people I spend my days with, which is vastly different from my life only a couple years ago in Seattle where I was one of the youngest amongst my circle of friends. Seeing the cute, fresh-into-their-20s girls partying in the Chicago nightclubs made me feel completely out of place. Not because I wish I was that age again, living that lifestyle (I really don't!), but just because being a 30-something SAHM is decidedly un-glamourous (but I really do love it!)

I did have a blast spending so much time with my mom and sisters (they're the BEST!) and talking to my other cousin, Ashley (I LOVE her so much!) Anyway, there weren't very many blog-worthy photos of the evening, but here are a couple.

Jackie, looking like a hot shot, professional
photographer with her new camera...
and that pose!

Rachel and Mom looking very much like sisters here.

Riding in the limo
(Jackie's wearing my new jacket!)

Can you guess which one is the bachelorette?
Ashley (on the far left) was the hostess.

And for those readers who really only check this blog for pictures/updates on Owen (you know who you are), here's the good news...

He LOVES these gel window clings I bought at Wal-Mart for
a buck. But I am nervous that he'll try to swallow one, so I have to
keep a pretty close eye on him when he plays with them.

He walked around carrying this brush this morning saying,
"hair, hair, hair."

I swear, he has a TON of toys, but he really does love
cardboard boxes.

...and the bad. As I was finishing up this post, he managed to get into my spice drawer and, with cayenne pepper all over his fingers, rubbed his eyes. Not fun. I gotta go – glamour calls...


  1. Yes, I came home and pulled up blogger before heading for bed... Speaking of glamor, I am going to go try to remove red wine stains from my white sweater :)

  2. Great job with the posts. I love reading all about what is happening with you. Keep it coming.

  3. had a blast with you in chicago - glad we all got to do that together. i missed you guys!! that picture of O brushing his hair makes me smile :) love you