Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy to me!

Here's a little riddle for this Friday afternoon. What do the following things have in common?

Give up? It's probably not too hard to guess, actually. They are some of the beautiful gifts I received from my dearest loved ones yesterday for my birthday! I am so blessed! Let me break it down...

Oreo-filled chocolate chip cookies baked by my amazing sister, Jackie.
Yes, I said "Oreo-filled chocolate chip cookies," which means that they are
chocolate chip cookies with an entire Oreo inside. I die!

My super sweet hubby made me this personalized crossword puzzle,
complete with clues about memorable things from our life together.
He actually made this all himself—he did not use a program to create it
(as I had assumed). It is quite possibly my most favorite gift...ever
A few of the more fun(ny) ones were: "What you say when a house 
doesn't pass inpsection" (RATS), "Latest project, or Davenport's cheapest
rent" (BASEMENT), and "A bad shade of blue for a house"
(RECYCLING CAN). So, maybe those aren't funny to anyone but me, 
or maybe you don't get them at all, but I do and that's why I L-O-V-E it!

A souvenir brought back from Ryan's latest business trip to Salt Lake City.
I love me some taffy! Yum!

A rather expensive-looking (but really not at all) watch from my Mama!

Fresh flowers —two separate bouquets (one from my Mom, one from Ryan)
combined into one. They look beautiful on my kitchen table today! 

Photo album of some of the awesome shots Jackie took of our family a few
weeks ago. She also gave me the disk with all of the originals, but it was
fun to flip through her creative edits on some of the better ones in this 
adorable album.

A new set of white wine glasses. This one was a special
request as I have managed to break all but one of my
previous set over the past several years. Clumsy!!!

Continuing with her all-homemade gift theme, Jackie also painted this
chevron pattern onto a doormat for my front door. Swoon!

My birthday was really special. I spent then entire day with some of my very closest loved ones, including Mom (we saw Bridesmaids and it was!!!), Dad (who helped me keep tabs on the wee one at the children's museum and took about a million pictures and videos in the meantime), Jackie (who, with her precious babe Brody, enjoyed dinner and cake with us), Ryan (we shared some good couch conversation over a cocktail before bed), and of course...Owen (who gave me the most precious gift of all...this birthday song):

Happy to ME!


  1. Happy to YOU!!!! I love that video. :) So cute. And glad you love all your gifts. They were really fun and creative ideas from everyone...not to toot my own horn or anything. TOOT TOOT! ha ha.
    Oh! Also, good job on the pics. I like the photographic eye you've got there.

  2. Just love it! That video is so dang cute. Glad you had a good birthday. I enjoyed the day with you too. Great post!

  3. i've watched that video three times now - it is hilarious!! he is such a good singer :) glad to hear you had a nice birthday - you got some great gifts and sounds like you spent the day doing some fun things!! sorry - i'm a bad sister and didn't get your card OR your gift in time :( i promise i know what i'm getting...just needed to travel to spencer to get it! haha
    love you and happy birthday again