Sunday, March 29, 2009

23 weeks

Movement!  The baby is stirring around a lot this week and those movements are much more noticeable now than the "flutters" that I've felt for the past few weeks.  Plus, we can both finally feel them from the outside now-if we wait patiently with our hands on my belly.  I think I've discovered that the baby either really likes or really dislikes cinnamon gum (like Big Red) because whenever I chew a piece, I notice him start to move a lot.  (I've been chewing it a lot lately...sorry baby!)

We've also begun researching all the baby gear out on the market this past week.  Whew!  That's quite a task!  It's this whole other economy that we know nothing about.  Walking into Babies R Us has felt a bit like entering a foreign country (can there possibly be that many varieties of strollers alone???), but slowly, we are beginning to find our way around, thanks to numerous hours of researching reviews online and consulting with lots of friends that have been through this recently.  (Thanks everyone!)  

Check out the photo of Kinnick in the Baby Bjorn (he hates us for this stuff).

Other than that, still feeling great.  My next appointment is this Friday, but that will be a quick one just to get some measurements taken.  I can't believe March is nearly over.  This "no baby" time in our lives is rapidly passing...I'm so excited for baby to get here, but also very, very nervous.  I just have to keep reminding myself of what my dad would say: "Hold on for the ride!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

22 weeks

Holy hormones, Batman!  This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster.  Poor Ryan has had to endure some pretty extreme mood swings that I recognize are fully pregnancy related.  (At least, I hope they are!)  I keep telling him to write them down so that we can get a good laugh over them later.  This has been the first that I've really noticed it.  I've shed more than a few tears and had several angry rants...all over very little (sometimes nothing).

Anyway, that's about all there is to report this week.  Be sure to send your well wishes to Ryan (poor guy!)  Toodle-loo!

Friday, March 13, 2009

21 weeks

I had my first belly pat this week (twice, actually) from co-workers.  So far, I don't mind.  : )  I guess it just means that I'm really starting to show (in an obvious way, not just like I've put on a few...or 10!...pounds).

Also, my appetite is still pretty high, but a bit more manageable than a couple weeks ago.  I am so fortunate to be able to tell people that I really do feel fantastic when they ask me how I'm feeling (which I get asked a lot!)  So, not by way of complaining, but just to document what I am going through this week, I will just mention that I've been having some odd leg cramps/numbness.  Just about every day this week, I've gotten a very odd sensation in my upper right calf that is not painful at all, but rather, just feels like my muscle is very tight and a bit numb.  Not sure what that's all about, but I'm trying to make a concerted effort to get up from my desk at work every couple hours and walk around a bit, as exercise and stretching seems to help.

I'm off to meet with a good friend and her two-week old baby girl...what fun!  Maybe I'll pick up some pointers.  (I'm such a sponge when it comes to absorbing any advice or words of wisdom other mothers have to share!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ultrasound pics

Here are the latest photos of Baby Peterson. They're a little rough, but the bottom line is that he/she has all 10 fingers and toes and all systems are go.  Whew!  We hope this means we can expect a healthy baby!!!

(Although we chose not to find out the gender today, I am just going to refer to "him" from now on - it's much easier.)

We also caught him yawning at one point and lying with his little legs crossed at the ankles, which was the exact position I was in at the time.  Check out the shot of his little feet...too cute!

Anyway, I guess this will have to do until we finally get to meet him in another four and a half months.  We can't wait!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Babymoon in Kauai - 19 weeks

Aloha! We're back from what will probably be our last vacation trip in a VERY long time!  (So sad!)  But we had a blast, despite the sometimes icky weather (lots of windy, cloudy days, although still warmer than the mainland).  Here are a few photos - mostly of me, in keeping with the theme of this blog, but I'll post some others on facebook. 

Notice my sunburned legs in this one. (We decided that we will most definitely be having a very pale, short, large-headed baby - all traits that Ryan and I share, unfortunately!)

Technically, I'm now 20 weeks, so I will try to take a picture this weekend and get back to my usual weekly schedule. Also, we have the big ultrasound appointment tomorrow, so I should be able to post another photo of baby P then, too. 

According to the latest I read, he/she is now the size of a small cantaloupe.  And I can definitely feel him/her moving around in there (even as we speak, actually). I wasn't sure for a while since those little movements were so sporadic and few at first. But ever since our trip, I've been feeling them regularly throughout the day (and night!) Can't wait for them to be strong enough kicks so that Ryan can finally feel them, too.