Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tupperware party

While I was only half paying attention last evening, Owen managed to get out every-single-piece-of-tupperware (and other plastic containers) that I own and spread them out strategically around the house. I turned around, and this is what I found.

He had a lot of fun, apparently, and it entertained him for quite a while. I did not, however, has as much fun picking them all back up.

"Ah gone," he said.


  1. OMGsh. That. Is. Hilarious. LOVE that crazy lil' man of yours. :)

  2. I also love that the title of this post is Tupperware Party. That it is!

  3. i have looked at this post about 4 times now, and i still laugh every time. that little monster...i should dig out my "master of disaster" tshirt and let him have it :)

  4. Too funny! Why wasn't I invited to this tupperware party? Only kidding. What a stinker! He is such a hambone but I love him! Great posts. The basement is looking good. It will be so nice to have that completed and such a wonderful place for the whole family to enjoy.