Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter goodness

Ok, so it's been almost a week since Easter and I'm just getting around to posting about all our fun Easter activities. What can I say – it's been Busy (with a capital B!) around here with basement stuff this week. More on that to come...

Anyway, without further ado, here's what we were up to in the days and weeks leading up to Easter.

Fun with Peeps!
I personally don't like Peeps – those sugary marshmallow treats you see everywhere each Easter season – but they are awfully cute and I happened to come across a couple of fun, crafty ideas for them, so I couldn't resist.

I found the idea for these "Peeps Pops" here. We brought a bunch over to the first of several Easter Egg hunts with Owen and they were a big hit.

A basket of Peeps Pops!

Ryan tied all those ribbons. (He wanted to be sure that I mentioned that.)

And I found this printable Peeps Treat Topper here. I gave these out as small gifts to a few of my favorite "peeps!"

In case you can't read it, it says, "A little something special for one of my
favorite PEEPS."

Jelly Bean Bark
I found this super easy and fast recipe for a new, fun snack here. It was a big hit at the Peterson family Easter meal.

Crafty Cards
I bought Owen his first set of finger paints and we had so much fun coloring, gluing, and painting these cards for all his grandparents.

Easter Egg Hunts
Owen enjoyed four(!) different Easter egg hunts this year. And once he discovered that there was candy inside those eggs, he was stoked!


  1. Those pictures of Owen are absolutely adorable! He is just so cute. Great post, as always. Love you guys.

  2. i loved eating all of your easter treats - yummy! i wasn't sure i'd like the jelly bean bark but it was amazing and only lasted about 12 hours at my house, between me, todd and rita :) glad owen had a nice easter and got lots of goodies!! love you