Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the walls come tumbling up?

After two weeks without any progress on the basement, the drywall process has finally begun! Yesterday, they "hung the board" and today they taped and plastered (or something like that). Whatever it was requires there to be two large fans blowing non-stop for the next day and a half to circulate the air and dry things out. It is so exciting being able to actually see all the room dividers up! It really feels so real now!

Anyway, here are the latest photos (taken yesterday).

The view from the bottom of the stairs. 
(Doorway to the bedroom on right side, family room on left.)

Looking into the toy/play room.



View of large room from kitchenette area
(looking toward family room, beyond the half-wall)

Opposite view – looking toward kitchenette from family room

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  1. the progress is looking good! i bet you guys are anxious for it to be all finished so you can start decorating!! and actually using your basement again....