Friday, April 15, 2011

One of those days

Don't judge. I know I look terrible in this photo. I generally look terrible in most photos, which is why you don't see many of me on here, but this one is exceptionally terrible. And that's why I'm posting it. You see, I seem to be having "one of those days" today. Let me explain.

After staying up for some time last night with a very upset, and clearly not-feeling-well toddler, I took Owen to see the doctor this morning. He does NOT like the doctor's office. He doesn't like the nurse. He doesn't like the scale. He doesn't like their toys. He doesn't like the stethoscope, thermometer, or ear viewer thingy. He screams and cries the entire time he is in there, regardless of the reason. Our poor pediatrician has yet to see the sweet, fun, charming little guy that I get to spend my days with. Instead, he sees Sir Temper Tantrum – every time! Anyway, turns out my poor babe has a double ear infection, so at least we now know how to treat him. Which brings me to the photo above.

I grabbed the bottle of amoxicillin I picked up at the pharmacy out of the bag by the lid, which apparently didn't get screwed on correctly after giving him the first dose, thus the bottle fell, bounced off the counter, and the contents shot straight up in the air, landing directly on my face and in my hair. (Oh, a little bit landed on the counter, too.)

What is a girl to do? I just stood there for a minute, unsure of whether to laugh or cry, looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, and decided to snap a photo of this silly, disgusting mess. (Oh, and blog about it.)

So, here I sit, with sticky and rained-on flat hair (did I mention that I had to carry Owen out to the car in a torrential downpour?), smelling of cherry (the flavor they added to "make the medicine go down"), which, fortunately, isn't pink - it's white. All the while, Owen, who fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the car on the way home, is in his crib refusing to take any more of a nap than that.

Ugh. I'm done for the day. Hopefully things turn around for the weekend, but for now, I'm off to go wash my face. Later.


  1. Oh that stinks!! It's ironic though because Brody too, had a double ear infection the other week. Then about 3 days in to the medication, Jeff did the same thing and spilled the whole darn bottle of meds. We had to go buy another one. Luckily the generic amoxicilin is only $12.99. Still. Poor Owen...Double ear infections don't = Double rainbows. :(

  2. Oh, Mary, I love that you thought to just take a picture and blog about your day. I too had Owen out in the pouring rain. Coincidentally, to go to the pediatrician. For a well child exam. Where I was informed that he had a double ear infection. Seriously. Then, I had to go to Target to pick up their photos and the prescription and by the time I made it inside my pants were soaked, nearly up to my knees, and my hair was curly and plastered to my face. A lovely sight for all, I'm sure. Hope your lil buddy feels better soon!!!