Friday, April 1, 2011

A beautiful day for a slide

I picked up this fun little outdoor slide today (used) for only $15.

I could not get Owen off the thing! As you can see, it was a little cold to be outside for too long, but I wanted to let him give it a whirl right after we picked it up. I can tell already this will be one of those (rare) activities that holds his interest for a while. Woo hoo!


I can never get him to smile for photos,
but he had a perma-grin going on this thing!

When he saw these numbers (I guess they're supposed to be like the house address?), he shouted, "two!" So, I counted them off for him, "one, two, three!" He responded with "fo, fi, sees." How he knows that "four, five, and six" follow "one, two, and three," I'm not sure. He's a smart one! Well, sorta. Right after that, he got up close to the number 2 and started licking it. Ewww!

They just look so yummy, don't they?
Don't they???

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  1. So funny and so Cute! I love it. Looks like he is going to enjoy that. You will certainly get your $15 worth. Great buy!