Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to our new entryway

Just to brag for a bit, here are photos of our newly painted entryway.

Unfortunately, I did not have the forethought to take "before" pictures, but allow me to describe. The walls were the same pinkish-beige color of the entire rest of the house and the light fixture was a very simple, very ugly, brass-plated glass dome (standard, run-of-the-mill ceiling fixture found in many a suburban hallway). Also, we replaced the front door almost immediately after we moved in. It was previously a forest green, six-panel, steel door – very ugly.

This is such a small space, so it really didn't take much to turn it around. But because it's the first thing our guests see upon entering our home, I think it has a big impact. The replacement door has been in place now for months, so we just added this super fun drum light (which I looooove!) from Lowe's...

...and a couple coats of paint (Behr – Dusty Olive). And, voila!

I considered doing a stencil treatment or possibly some kind of applique on the wall to the left of the front door (opposite the coat closet), but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying our new contemporary entryway.

After seeing how good this dark shade looks on the walls (we were both pretty skeptical at first), Ryan and I have been having major second thoughts on the mega painting project we completed a couple months ago of our main living areas (living room, kitchen, hallway). We are sad to admit that the color we ended up with there (Behr – Castle Path) is pretty darn blah. But, because repainting that whole area would be extremely time-consuming (and admitting total defeat), we are planning to put a shade similar to this one on a couple of key "accent" walls in the other areas. More on that in the coming weeks...

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