Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cookie baking gone awry

Last night, I decided to enlist Owen's help in baking chocolate chip cookies. I really thought this would be a fun activity that he would enjoy. I prepared the dough, and then spooned some of it into a separate bowl so that he could sink his hands into it and form his own little balls on the baking sheet – or at least, that was my hope.

Instead, he immediately shoved a big chunk of dough directly into his mouth.

No harm – who doesn't love raw cookie dough? But getting him to do anything else with it, besides eat it, proved useless.

He did poke his fingers into the little balls I made, which I accepted as the most "help" I was going to get out of him.

Apparently at age 20 months, one is incapable of understanding that you have to put the dough into the oven for a few minutes in order for them to turn into warm, yummy cookies.



Let's just say a MAJOR meltdown ensued when I took the dough away from him.

Fortunately 9 short minutes later, we had a happy boy once again...



  1. Haha, that's too cute! Can I have one of Owen's cookies please?

  2. that is hilarious! i love that you captured the event so perfectly :) those cookies look amazing...will Owen share??