Friday, February 24, 2012

Potty Progress — Part 3

As an update to yesterday's post, I am pleased to report that a.) Owen awoke from his nap completely dry and clean (much to my surprise!), and, b.) he finally pooped in the potty last night!

I'm not sure how he managed to accomplish the first feat, but I was very, very pleasantly surprised. (The exact same situation is going on even as I type this post so we'll see if I luck out again and find him dry and clean in a couple hours.)

And as for the second accomplishment, we just continued trying, trying, and trying some more for the remainder of the day until finally, right after dinner, he dropped a load (sorry for the terrible slang!) in his Elmo potty. It was disgusting and beautiful all at the same time!

I had been bribing him all day with different things (i.e., a new toy, ice cream, etc.) and after lots of wildly excited cheering and high-fiving (by me), we agreed on a special hot fudge sundae from McDonald's (that was his choice).

I was really hoping that once we tackled the hurdle of that first poop that he would see that it wasn't scary or hard to do and it would be smooth sailing after that. So far, however, that remains to be seen. He did wake up this morning with a small amount of poop in his diaper (I'm not even close to taking the diaper away at bedtime yet) and, though I can tell he needs to go (he's nothing if not regular!), he hasn't done so again yet today. So, again, he's in his underpants taking a nap and we'll see...

I'm not foolish enough to believe that he's got everything all figured out yet. I'm sure there will be some setbacks along the way. But, man, am I relieved to finally have this very momentous (in my opinion!) challenge finally behind us.

I snapped this hilarious photo this morning and thought it was appropriate. Notice the titles of the book he's reading and the one sitting next to him. He found them in our bathroom, curled right up on the chair, and started flipping through them...completely on his own. I'm taking it as a sign that potty training is going well...

And since I haven't posted (or even taken, really) any photos or videos lately, I thought I'd give you a little "slice of life" video from this morning at breakfast. Messy, messy boy.


  1. So cute! I love the video.

  2. that's a big accomplishment for the little guy - hope the rest of the training is coming along after this post too :) love that photo of him reading. wonder what he learned!? :)