Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life update

God sure has a funny sense of humor, doesn't he? The very night after my last post (where I was whining about my terrible day), I came down with a nasty stomach flu that had me completely wiped out for a solid 48 hours. I will spare you all the gory details, but let's just say that, while puking in the middle of the night is never fun, it's especially loathsome when you are nearly seven months pregnant! And have a 2 1/2-year-old with boundless energy due up by 7:30 a.m.

God also is SO gracious, though, in that he has blessed me with amazing parents who swooped in and came to the rescue. My dad took the day off work and drove here (about a 45-minute drive) to pick up Owen that next morning and whisked him off to his house (another 45-minute drive back!) for the day. That allowed Ryan and I to lay around in our dark, quiet house (I didn't even bother opening up the curtains or blinds all day) and get some much needed rest. By Sunday morning, his fever had finally broken and my energy had returned and we felt like new people! And, somehow, despite being surrounded by sickness (turns out both my parents were sick — and still are — the day right after having Owen stay with them), the little guy managed to avoid all of it. Praise God!

In other news, we resumed full-on potty training this week with revitalized energy and the O-man has shown some remarkable success! He pretty much has the whole peeing thing down pat and rarely has an accident of that kind. Unfortunately, we still have yet to get a poop into the potty, but are getting very, very close! I really thought that today was going to be the day, but so far, no luck. He certainly tries, but then just as I think it's about to happen, he gets all nervous or scared or something and backs off. Frustrating! But I have confidence that it will all happen very soon. I am still a little too nervous, however, to take him out of the house in his underpants, so I usually throw a diaper or pull-up on him whenever we head out to the store, the library, a play date, etc. The stinker seems to know this and always manages to take advantage of that diaper-time to make his poopy. This does make for easy clean-up — I haven't had to clean out even one pair of dirty underpants all week. But I know I need to take away that crutch soon.

And in sad news, we learned that my grandma (on my mom's side) passed away last night. She was sick and weak, and had been for quite some time. And her mental state was not exactly healthy either. But the news did come as a bit of a shock this morning. We will be heading to the Chicago-area probably sometime tomorrow to attend the funeral services, so prayers for everyone's safe travels are appreciated.

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