Monday, August 1, 2011

Pre-nap workout

Guess what Owen spent something like 30 minutes playing with before nap time today? (Seriously! He never spends that length of time doing any one thing besides sleeping. Ever!)

Answer: A half-dozen 2-liter bottles of pop that I just picked up at the store. He was having so much fun with them, he was even all sweaty when I finally pried him away from them so he could take a nap (all the while, crying, "Pop! Pop!") I promised him they'd still be there when he got up and he could play with them then. Check out the little man flexing his muscles.

And while I'm posting video, here's another hilarious one of a new game Ryan and Owen came up with last week. His giggling is so contagious!


  1. So so FUNNY! I laughed and laughed. Thanks for posting.