Friday, August 12, 2011

Summertime randomness

I leave for a MOPS leader retreat in a couple hours and am excited to have a sleep-over with some fun girlfriends, disguised as in addition to a time of planning and fellowship. Good stuff.

In the meantime, I really wanted to get another post up since I've obviously done some redesigning on the whole look of the blog. But, alas, there's not really anything interesting to blog about at the moment. So instead, I will share some summertime randomness.

The past several weeks here have been H-O-T! Like, steamy, sweat as soon as you step outside, stuck inside, HOT! Here's poor O, dripping with sweat after one brave attempt at the park last week.

Our electric bill is 37% higher this month than last. (Word of warning, I suck [SUCK!] at math, so I may have totally figured that wrong. I took the difference in price from last month to this month and then divided that by this month's bill. Is that right?) I just called them to find out what the heck is going on with that and the lady said, "You are not alone. This past month has just been so hot, that everyone's A/C has been running really hard just to keep things comfortable." (Ok, so that's probably not an exact quote, but close enough for quotation marks, I say.)

Check it out — even our windows were sweating!

However...this week has been awesome! Highs in the low 80s, even a light breeze one day. I actually shut off the A/C for a day and a half and opened up all the windows. Fresh air! It was amazing! Owen and I celebrated by going to the park every single day. Some days, we went to two! He is at such a great age now where I can finally just let him climb around without having to follow directly behind him like a weirdo. Of course, I still stay nearby (i.e., directly under him, whenever possible), but it's nice not to be the crazy safety Mom at the playground anymore.

Also, he's recently decided to like swings again. When he was little, he loved the swing at my parents' house. Remember this video, or the photo below?

One of my favorites!

But then he went for a long time where he wanted nothing to do with them. If you put him in one, he'd let you push him once or twice and then demand to get out. But now, apparently they're fun again, and I really enjoy pushing the little bugger back and forth!

And now, let the randomness continue...

Trying on Daddy's hat.

Attempting to get a fun Mommy & Me self-portrait.

A perfect afternoon. Note the freshly snapped green beans and open windows. 

My failed attempt at capturing a shot of Owen actually enjoying the swing.

Backyard pool fun!


  1. You would take the difference between the two bills and divide by the previous month to figure percent change, ... I think... as I type that I am second guessing myself and this is the type of thing I should know ;) Pretty sure divide by the previous month as that is the basis for measuring change...

    I wish I was going with you on the MOPS retreat. Have fun!

  2. Looks like Owen has had a fun summer! Mom seems to have enjoyed herself too, such great memories/documentation with this blog. He looks like such a big boy his baseball cap. My little cutie pie.