Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you, God, for fruit snacks

I just HAD to document this one...

Tonight at bedtime, Owen and I were saying prayers, which went a little something like this:

Me: "Thank you, God, for Mommy, and thank you for Daddy, and thank you for Kinnick, and for Grandma and Papa. Is there anything else you want to thank God for, Owen?"
Owen: "Rachel."
Me: "Ok, thank you, God, for Rachel. Anything else?"
Owen: "Jackie."
Me: "Thank you, God, for Jackie. What else are you thankful for?"
Owen: "Jeff."
Me: "Thank you, God, for Jeff. What else?"
Owen: "House."
Me: "Oh, good one! Yes, thank you, God, for our house. Anything else?"
Owen: "Fruit snacks."
Me (chuckling): "Oh, yes. Thank you, God, for fruit snacks."

Gotta love him!


  1. Hahaha, this is SO cute. Thank you, God, for my funny little Owen. :)

  2. it is very important to say thank you for fruit snacks - what would we do without them? :) love that little guy!!!