Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Basement Update

So, here it is...our, essentially, finished basement (although it's hard for me to ever consider any room in our house "finished" since there are always more ideas that I hope to implement someday). The following photos, however, will officially conclude the basement updates on this blog, though I hope to document some of the little projects we work on down there as we get to them.

View of the main family/TV room from the bottom of the stairs. I'm not
sure if I've ever mentioned how crazy huge that screen is (or how I was
NOT expecting anything that big when we set out on this project), but
how awesome it is to watch movies on!

Opposite view of the same room. It's quite cozy — now that we hung
some things on the walls — for such a large room.

Including this fun little gem — Ryan's autographed
guitar. Autographed by whom, you ask?

Why, Sir Paul McCartney, of course!

Another collage wall, of sorts, this one sports some of Ryan's favorite
albums, framed and symmetrically displayed.

And since this is Ryan's "man cave," (though I kind of
despise that term) he got to do some additional
decorating, including this shelf of Hawkeye

Here's a view of the kitchenette area opposite the family room. That
massive sea of red (i.e., the rug, chairs, and [hidden under a tablecloth]
table) are kind of just temporary place holders for now. It's all stuff
we had from our previous home that doesn't necessarily go with the
new look of this house, but we decided to make use of it for the time
being until we come up with something better. (More on that to come...)

Another view of the kitchenette. And, of course, a refrigerator is supposed
to fit in that nook to the left of the cabinets, but alas, that's for another
time (when our wallets allow it).

Bathroom, and finally a fairly accurate view of the wall
color, as opposed to the really yellowish tint that
usually shows up in photos of this room.

Ah, there it is. That yucky yellowish tint.

Can you spot me in this picture? (See the little elbow in the mirror?
That's me standing in the shower to get this shot.)

View of both main rooms from just outside the bathroom.

The extra bedroom, which hasn't changed at all really. We have no spare
bedroom furniture at the moment, so until we do, this room will
probably stay just like this. Owen enjoys riding his tricycle around the
big empty space, in the meantime.

Opposite view of the bedroom.

The toy room (in all it's messy, played-in glory!) We hope to get some fun
art on the walls in here soon, along with some shelving or other means of

View from inside the toy room, looking out.

Another view of the toy room, showing the french doors outside. The
office door is just to the right.

The office, still quite unfinished. Eventually, there will be some shelving
for storage and things will get spruced up a bit.

Now, regarding those chairs and table seen above, that is an example of one of the projects I hope to complete soon and share on this blog. I already bought the spray paint to refinish all the metal legs. And I picked up this fabric to reupholster the chairs. It's mostly gray, but with a bit of red, to tie in the rug that will probably stay for a while.

This table top MUST get painted, if it's going to stay. This was one of the very first DIY projects I ever did some 8 or 9 years ago and I am no longer proud to display it. I'm not entirely sure yet what I will do with it, but rest assured it will be much more subdued that this crazy red mess!

Anyway, more on that later. For now, that's about it for our basement remodel. We've put a fork in it's done!


  1. Very nice update. The basement looks great! I wish you fun times and look forward to spending some family times in your spacious basement. Keep us posted on your projects. You always do such a nice job.

  2. Looks fantastico! I can't wait to see how your chairs turn out. Are you ORBing the legs (like YHL's Sherry)? I'm so excited to see how it all turns out for you! :)