Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Shower in Iowa

Whew! We are just back from one of the best weekends ever! My Mom and sissies, Rachel and Jackie threw Ryan and I a simply lovely baby shower on Saturday - it was absolutely darling and perfect! And the rest of the weekend was spent with our dearest loved ones. It couldn't have been more perfect!

There are lots more pictures shared by friends on facebook, but this one is my favorite (courtesy of Janan).

This baby is so loved and supported by such a wonderful family - he or she is truly blessed. (As are we!) Thank you, thank, thank you (100 times) to Rachel and Jackie for all the hard work they put into the shower - down to the smallest detail. And to my Mom for being so generous and considerate of my needs this weekend. And to everyone who made it (some from very far away) - thanks SO much being there!

The rest of the weekend was a blast as well. Got to spend time with my aunt and cousins and Grandma whom I haven't seen in so long. And all the meals and good family time was absolutely refreshing!

We flew back late last night and I had my first experience with swollen feet and ankles. By the time we finally got off the plane, I could barely walk. I have never seen the bottom half of my legs look that way before. It was crazy! And kind of scary. But Ryan gave me a nice foot rub before bed and by the time I got up this morning, everything was back to it's normal size. I am glad that I will not be traveling by air again during this pregnancy.

And finally, I'm considering changing the name of this blog, although I haven't come up with what yet. When I originally created it, it was for an entirely different purpose, but now I think that the name needs to fit the direction of the blog a little better. I'll keep thinking about that one and let you know what I come up with. But watch for an email with the new web site address sometime soon...

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