Saturday, May 2, 2009

28 weeks

In lieu of a photo of me this week (Ryan is out of town, so I don't have anyone to take my picture!), here are the latest photos of Baby P. I was not expecting to get another glimpse of him after our 20-week ultrasound, but because I had to have another one to follow-up on the two cysts they found on my ovaries back in January, I was lucky enough to get another peek!

Apparently baby is in breech position, but it's still too early to worry about that. The tech made me close my eyes when she viewed the baby's sex organs, so the gender is still unknown. We did catch him making little sucking or chewing motions, which was kinda cute.

The images are all essentially face shots, but in case you need help deciphering what you're looking at (I did!):
  • Photo 1 shows baby's head on the left, eyes closed - isn't he cute?
  • Photo 2 shows baby's head on the right (facing the opposite direction) and is a nice view of his chin, lips, and nose
  • Photo 3 is another face shot, but in this one you can see his pointy little chin a bit better (I think he'll have Ryan's chin)

As far as the rest of my 3-hour appointment yesterday went, one of the two cysts seems to have disappeared, and the other has gotten a bit smaller, but is still there (though no one seems to be very concerned about it, so I'm trying not to be either). I also had to take the glucose tolerance test, which I am really, really hoping I pass, but won't know until Monday. (Please pray I don't have gestational diabetes...I can't handle having to give myself injections! Needles??? Eek!) And I received the RhoGAM shot (in my bottom!) during my appointment, because I am Rh-negative. (If you don't know about this, here's a good article that explains it all pretty well.) The midwife measured me at about 27.5 centimeters, which is right on track, as is my weight gain (about 20 pounds to date).

In other news, the baby's kicks are consistently getting stronger and more frequent. When he's feeling particularly rambunctious, it's fun to just sit and watch my belly thump around. But to sum it all up, things are simply grand...I am SO full of joy and anticipation for this baby! Thanks for sharing this excitement with me!!!

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