Saturday, May 9, 2009

29 weeks

What a week this has been! I found out on Monday that I did not "pass" my initial glucose screen (I came in at 150 and apparently "normal" is 70-135.) So, this Friday, I had to go back for the big, 3-hour (4 blood draw) test. Initially, I was extremely upset and kind of disappointed in myself - I really hoped I would pass the first one and not have to do the second. But then I realized that there's not a whole lot I could have done about it and that lots of women don't pass the first, but do go on to pass the second, so I stopped being so hard on myself. 

Instead, I channeled all my energy into freaking out about the next test. I had to fast from midnight the night before the test (which is harder than normal, given my extreme hunger lately!) and I had to have blood drawn four times in 3 hours. That is a serious ordeal for me. But I kept telling myself that if I couldn't get through this, there's no way I could get through labor, and that is something I am determined to do well (despite Ryan's doubts). Anyway, to make a long story short, the test went surprisingly well. Ever since discovering that I MUST request a "butterfly" needle (the size they use on infants), I've had very little problems giving blood. All four sticks went just fine and I handled them pretty well. I even downloaded a movie on iTunes and brought my laptop in with me to help pass the time. I won't know the results until Monday, and am hoping for the best, but at least I've got the test behind me now.

One other thing to note - I was woken to my first "oh my gosh," crying out in pain leg cramp the other day. I keep hearing how common those are, but so far, have managed to avoid them. It happened about an hour before my alarm went off on Friday morning and my calf is still very stiff and sore today. Those are no fun!

And Ryan's back (he's been gone for the past week), so that makes life so much better! It's good to have him home. We're planning to paint the baby's room next weekend, so this weekend we are trying to get it all cleared and cleaned out. It's been hard to stay focused, though - it's absolutely gorgeous outside today! So, on that note, I'm do something (hopefully productive).

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