Sunday, March 29, 2009

23 weeks

Movement!  The baby is stirring around a lot this week and those movements are much more noticeable now than the "flutters" that I've felt for the past few weeks.  Plus, we can both finally feel them from the outside now-if we wait patiently with our hands on my belly.  I think I've discovered that the baby either really likes or really dislikes cinnamon gum (like Big Red) because whenever I chew a piece, I notice him start to move a lot.  (I've been chewing it a lot lately...sorry baby!)

We've also begun researching all the baby gear out on the market this past week.  Whew!  That's quite a task!  It's this whole other economy that we know nothing about.  Walking into Babies R Us has felt a bit like entering a foreign country (can there possibly be that many varieties of strollers alone???), but slowly, we are beginning to find our way around, thanks to numerous hours of researching reviews online and consulting with lots of friends that have been through this recently.  (Thanks everyone!)  

Check out the photo of Kinnick in the Baby Bjorn (he hates us for this stuff).

Other than that, still feeling great.  My next appointment is this Friday, but that will be a quick one just to get some measurements taken.  I can't believe March is nearly over.  This "no baby" time in our lives is rapidly passing...I'm so excited for baby to get here, but also very, very nervous.  I just have to keep reminding myself of what my dad would say: "Hold on for the ride!"

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