Sunday, April 5, 2009

24 weeks

Burn baby, burn. (Heartburn, that is.) I have never really experienced heartburn before, and wasn't even sure I knew what it was. But I definitely know now. It hasn't been too bad, just uncomfortable, but it has become a regular occurrence nearly every night this past week.

On happier news, we ordered the crib (and dresser/changing table) this week! I have been reviewing every possible crib option over the past several weeks and was kind of stressing about it a bit. But we finally decided on one we liked and ordered it - with free shipping, no less! Can't wait for it to get here so we can start piecing the baby's room together. This is so fun!

And finally, Laura - if you're reading this...congratulations!  I am so, so, so very happy for you and Jeremy! Would love to swap pregnancy stories with you sometime soon...

I'm off to go enjoy the sunshine and warm temps today (a first)!

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  1. ew heartburn - that doesn't sound like fun! can't wait to see the new baby furniture - i am sure it is adorable :) lookin cute as always!! love you