Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"You mad at me?"

It's been a while since I've posted any of the funny things that Owen says lately, but I assure you, he makes me laugh one way or another every single day. Recently, I've noticed that he has a unique way of gauging whether I'm upset with him after he's done something to get scolded. Here's an example from this morning after I got angry with him for wedging himself behind the piano.

Owen (after being scolded): "Mommy?"
Me: "What?"
Owen: "No, don't say 'what,' Mommy."
Owen: "You mad at me, Mommy?"

His gauge is whether I answer his "mommy?" inquiry with "Yes?" which means all is good, or "What!" which typically means I am still upset and not ready to answer with patience and kindness. (Shame on me!) He can obviously sense my tone, but he focuses on the word I use. Because this usually makes me chuckle, it is a pretty effective method of diffusing the situation...smart boy!

Another funny phrase he says quite frequently is, "Hey, I want fumphin." This means that he wants a snack of some kind, but I love the way he pronounces "something." Cracks me up!

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