Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 months old

I can't believe we're getting so close to that one year mark! I'm really looking forward to it (and all that lies ahead in Owen's world), but I'm also a little sad that my sweet baby won't be a "baby" for too much longer.

Here's a few things to know about Owen Ryan at 10 months old:
  • I caught him crawling on his hands and knees (instead of his usual army crawl) for the first time on Mother's Day. He seems to switch back and forth between the two styles, but definitely gets where he wants to go with ease now.
  • He'd much rather be standing and cruising, though, so no matter where you put him (today he was near the vacuum and pulled himself up), he will find a way to pull himself up to standing. Time to secure the furniture to the walls!
  • O is very interested in the piano. Even at a very young age, Daddy was always able to calm Owen down by sitting him on his lap while he played the piano. And now that Owen can get himself to the piano himself and reach up to tap the keys, he still shows signs that he enjoys it. (See the video from last week's post for a sample of his sure-to-be musical genius!)
  • One of his new favorite games is pulling each and every book off of the bookshelf in his room. Now if only we could teach him to put them all back!
  • He's also recently become interested in electrical outlets. Good thing we've got those plastic plugs in most of them, but when he spots one, he loves to investigate.
  • Opening and closing drawers and cabinet doors is, evidently, loads of fun to a 10-month-old. He hasn't figured out yet, however, not to put his fingers over the edge of the drawer or door before slamming it closed. Ouch!
  • Just this week, O started showing the first signs of shyness around strangers. Nothing too bad, fortunately, but when friendly people at the grocery store or library say hi to him, he's started to scrunch up his arms against his chest and turn his face into me. But then he inevitably peeks back at the stranger and usually flashes that famous, toothy smile.


Livin' for the weekends and hanging out with Daddy!

Even the piano pedals fascinate this kid. I just know he's going to be tickling those ivories soon, just like his Daddy.

Move over, Kinnick, there's a new star in town. (Poor, neglected Kinnick!)

Enjoying some homemade banana bread for the first time. O loves all things banana, and this was no exception.

I happened upon the Sprout channel, which plays Sesame Street and other age-appropriate shows, and was pleased to see one of my very favorite skits from when I was a kid – Bert, doing "The Pigeon." Owen was less impressed with this find than I was, but danced along nonetheless.


Getting frisky with Curious George!

Pulling himself right up to the piano bench.

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  1. That video with him and George is hilarious! Definitely something you need to save and use to embarass him some day when he's in junior high :)