Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to the world, Owen!

Hello loved ones! I'm sure you have all heard the news by now, but Ryan and I were thrilled to welcome baby Owen Ryan into our hearts last Friday, July 10. Sorry for the delayed post (I know a lot of you have been anxious to see some more photos and hear the latest), but life has been a series of ups and downs lately and finding some quiet, reflective time at my computer has been a bit of a challenge. However, as we near the end of Owen's first week of life, I wanted to share a few photos and tidbits.

If you've been following the blog up to now, you know that we were anticipating having a cesarean birth on account of Owen being breech. And you'll also remember that we discovered my amniotic fluid levels were low at the last ultrasound. Well, last Friday, we had another ultrasound scheduled, followed by a visit with the doctor to (we thought) talk about and schedule the c-section. However, there was virtually no measurable amniotic fluid to be found at that time, so the doctor recommended that we go to the hospital and deliver today. Although not completely surprised, we were both taken back and found it hard to believe. In fact, it wasn't until we were in the hospital, me in the gown, answering all the nurse's questions, and prepping for an IV, that it actually sunk in. "Oh my gosh...I'm going to have a baby in just a few short hours!" I will spare you any further details of the delivery, the agonizing process of getting an IV line in, and the rest of our 48 our stay at the hospital...that's probably better suited to an in-person conversation, if you're interested.

Owen weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces at birth (quite a bit smaller than the doctors predicted just a few weeks ago!) and was 18.75 inches long. He didn't actually get named until early Saturday morning, despite the MANY inquiries from friends and family. Ryan and I were mulling over two choices (it was between Owen and Cole) and wanted to give ourselves that first night to just sleep on it. In the morning, it became abundantly clear (just as I knew it would once we met him) that he is very truly, Owen Ryan Peterson.

We were released on Sunday afternoon and brought Owen to his new home. He seems to like it here pretty well. And we absolutely adore having him here! Like I said, life has been a series of ups and downs since then and I know that is to be expected. We were having some serious challenges getting Owen to sleep at all at night...that is, until last night. I hesitate to say that we've got things corrected because I know it could all change again, but let's just say that I feel more rested today than I have for some time and I'm feeling much more confident that we're headed in the right direction.

Owen visited the pediatrician for the first time yesterday and his weight, although still down from birth (which is typical) is slowly on the rise. I also visited with a lactation consultant (which I highly recommend for new moms!) and got some helpful suggestions and an extremely comforting ear to bend. I was actually feeling a little bit more confused after those two meetings yesterday, but I said a prayer last night asking God to give me the strength and wisdom to make sense of it all and to do what I need to do to provide for Owen. Like always, He came through for me and I felt like last night was a small success!

So, that's the latest. I'm sure there are still lots of challenges ahead. But gazing into those big blue eyes and watching those tiny little fingers and toes just makes my hear soar! I can't wait for what the future holds! Stay tuned...


  1. What a great first family photo!

    Tim particularly enjoys how ready Ryan was to catch the baby, too.

    Kat & Tim

  2. How awesome for you two! Congratulations and have a happy time settling in.