Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jesus is important

It simply warmed my heart this morning when I walked into Owen's room where he had been playing independently (halleluiah!) for several minutes as I cleaned up the breakfast mess. I asked him what he was doing (it sounded like maybe he was "reading" one of his books). He told me that he was talking to his stuffed animals about Jesus. Wow! I wished I had my camera to record this moment in time, but instead I decided to sit down and find out more. I asked him what he was telling them about Jesus. He said that "Jesus is important." And then he went on to define "important" for me as, "...going on an airplane." After a bit more probing, I discovered that Jesus is important and that He travels by airplane to "airports and baseball games." Oh, that Jesus! He's such a jet-setter!

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  1. that is the sweetest story and makes my heart smile. you have a very special little boy there :)