Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bedroom Makeovers

All three of the upstairs bedrooms in our house have been under a constant state of upgrade over the past several months. Obviously, we needed to get the former spare bedroom ready for baby girl (due in just 4 weeks!), which meant that most of the furniture pieces in Owen's room needed to be moved in there instead. And that, of course, meant that Owen's room needed some new (or, in our case, repurposed) furniture. When considering our options, we decided to pass down some of the old furniture (that wasn't in the greatest shape after several moves) from our room to O and used our tax refund money to buy ourselves a brand new, properly "grown-up" bedroom set! It's something we've wanted to do for a long time, but never seemed practical until this year. And there's nothing like getting brand spankin' new furniture for a room to make one want to finally get around to painting the walls in there and call the room "finished" (after 2 years of living in this house).

So, all this to say that I have two bedroom makeovers to reveal here today. The third (the much anticipated nursery) is nearly finished also and I vow to get pics of that up soon, too.

Let's start with Owen's room. Here is a shot of his room back when he still used a crib (which he's been out of since last September when we moved him into a toddler bed.) Would you believe I had to go back over a year and a half to get these photos? And I don't have any other angles to show than this, so you can't really get a good perspective of the room, but you get what you get.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good photo from when the toddler bed replaced the crib, but here's Owen helping to build it, last September. (I should really get better about taking photos of rooms — especially bedrooms — since they seem to change so frequently around these parts.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but apologies for the bad quality of these photos. I really wish I were a better photographer and/or had a proper camera (these were all taken on my little Nikon Coolpix), but a trained photographer is not who I am, so this is the best I can do.

Anyway, here are the "afters" of Owen's room.

I did not want to repaint this room because I really still like the colors in here. They are kind of crazy and bold, but they totally work for Owen. And the crisp, white lines surrounding the horizontal green stripe always make me smile (I was pretty particular about that when I painted it two years ago).

Changes consist of a twin-size bed to replace the crib mattress/toddler bed (with a side rail for safety), new bedding (which I found for cheap at IKEA and loved because it actually matched the crazy color scheme in the room), one of the old white dressers from our room (to replace the changing table/dresser that went to the baby's room), a new art easel where the glider/ottoman used to sit (which also made it's way into baby's room), and some fun, bold green curtains (just because).

I still intend to hang three aqua blue picture frames above the dresser, which I plan to fill with some homemade artwork...if I ever get around to it. And the bed desperately needs a bedskirt (that blue box spring is just NOT cutting it!), but I'm not entirely sure what to do about that just yet. I'm sure this room will continue to be a work in progress, actually, since Owen's age will dictate the kinds of activities that take place in there. For example, he is not allowed to have crayons, markers, play-dough, etc. unless he is fully supervised because...well, because it would just be a total mess. But someday, when he's a bit more responsible, I would love to have a little art corner for him. Or a reading nook. Or maybe just more of his toys to play with on his own. But for now, he seems to enjoy his room, and for that, I am glad.

Now, onto our master bedroom.

Here is the ONLY "before" shot I can find of our master bedroom. This was from almost two years ago, shortly after we moved in, so it's evolved very slightly since then, but honestly, not much. And again, I only have this one angle to show, but whattaya gonna do?

It was beige, beige, beige (like the rest of the house when we first moved in), had old and broken IKEA furniture, and no headboard/footboard. Basically, blah. I've known for some time that I wanted to paint the walls a dark gray/blue color, which is one of my very favorite color schemes. And since it is a large room with white trim, light carpeting, and lots of natural light, I knew it could handle such a dark shade. There has actually been a big ol' paint swatch painted on one of the walls for quite some time (at least a year, I would guess), but finishing that room has just never been a very high priority for some reason. That is, like I said, until we got our new furniture. And then, all of a sudden, it lit a fire under me.

Since I really shouldn't be inhaling paint fumes in my condition — and because I wasn't really up to the physicality of painting a bedroom with tall ceilings at 35 weeks pregnant, my loving, awesome hubby took on the challenge all by himself this past weekend. He never complained once. Did I mention he's amazing?

So, without further ado, here is the finished room, as of today.

I still plan to hang some picture frames (probably a symmetrical line of four dark wood 5x7 frames I already own) above the bed, and possibly one more piece of art above the arm chair. Oh, and maybe some solid white curtains for the window if I can find any that are long enough. But in the meantime, I just lurrrrrve it in here! It's so sophisticated and exactly what I always dreamed it could be!

Next up, the nursery....!


  1. everything looks great, Mary! I can't wait to see the nursery. I also can't wait to have "grown up" bedroom furniture someday, as well. Right now we still look like we live in a college dorm ;)

  2. Love the updates Mary! It looks awesome! And I'm with you Mary S- You might look like you live in a college dorm - but I SWEAR I am not kidding, I literally have FILING cabinets for dressers! OY VEY! Yes, I have "HNI showroom" as a bedroom theme! OY VEY! Oh, the joys of marital COMPROMISE. ;)

    1. We have a lot of HON furniture in our house, too, Rebecca. But having filing cabinets for dressers is pretty sad, I have to tell you! It does make me chuckle, though! : )

  3. It all looks amazing! Nice work on putting all of this together before baby comes...looking forward to seeing the nursery reveal soon too. I'm sure that is adorable, just like the rest of your house :) love you