Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy birthday to you, Daddy...

Owen loves to sing the Happy Birthday song. He really got into it a few weeks ago for his cousin Brody's first birthday. Ever since then, whenever he sings Happy Birthday, it's always to Brody. Until yesterday, when I had to inform him that it was no longer Brody's birthday; in fact, it was Daddy's birthday! He was so excited to get to sing to his Daddy, we sang it all day long.

Here he is "helping" me mix up the birthday cake.

And, of course, licking the spatula. Notice the batter dribbling down the front of his Buzz Lightyear PJs.

He even picked out little Cars candies to decorate with, though he was more interested in eating those than placing them on the cake. And that smudge on the "D" is, of course, from him poking his finger in it when I wasn't looking.

And no, I didn't go all fancy on Ryan's cake this year. Just a plain 'ol yellow box cake with canned frosting. But, I did make him his favorite meal for dinner.

Tater-tot casserole. Recipe found here. It was ok. Not sure that the addition of red pepper flakes was quite as worth it as the author of this recipe suggested, but it wasn't bad.

Happy birthday, Ryan/Daddy! We love you!!!

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