Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding in Vegas

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of Las Vegas. It's just not really my scene. But, I was happy to leave Owen home with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson last weekend as Ryan and I traveled with the Betts family to "Sin City" to support my big brother Chuck as he married the love of his life, Randi. And we had a BLAST!

First on the itinerary (which Ryan painstakingly set up), was a trip to the Hoover Dam. Pretty interesting stuff. (I'm skipping over all of Ryan's very lovely photos of the dam because we all know we'd rather see pictures of people than landscapes, right?)

From left to right: Todd, Rachel, Jeff, Dad, me, Ryan

At the state line: Ryan standing in Nevada, me in Arizona.

Looking over the new bypass bridge (Todd, Rachel, and me).

Then, back to the strip to see the sights. Here are a couple amazing "scenery" photos (kudos to Ryan) that were worth sharing.

Paris Hotel

New York, New York Hotel (and some sunset!)

Sunday night was the wedding and reception. The beautiful couple (and I mean to tell you, Randi looked gorgeous!) were married in a small, but elegant chapel in the Mandalay Bay (where we all stayed) with a dinner reception afterward. Unfortunately, I didn't get very many photos of all of that (I was having too much fun, I think!), but here are a few...

Sisters!! We are absolutely thrilled to have a new, fourth sister! We LOVE you, Randi!

Not sure what we were laughing about (there was a LOT of laughter – and a few tears of joy – that evening), but I though this was a fun snapshot of the amazing bond the Betts kids have and always will have. I love you, Chuckie! And I wish you and Randi a lifetime of happiness!!!

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  1. Great photos Mary!! I had fun flipping through mine while I was in the airport all day Monday. I have a few from the reception dinner - I will post those on my blog to share :)
    We do have a pretty amazing family - what a great trip! I have some great memories - what a blast!!!
    Love you