Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I am pleased to announce that the Peterson's very first live Christmas tree is sitting proudly in our living room this year! It seems that since we've been married, there has always been some very good reason why it makes more sense to do an artificial tree or no tree at all in our home. But this year, we have a house large enough to accommodate one, we are not in the process of moving/selling our home, and we do not live 2,000 miles across the country from where we will be spending Christmas. 2010 is the year!! And I couldn't be more excited! Have a look...

In other news, after 5 weeks of on-again, off-again icky sicky stuff, I called Owen's pediatrician and said, enough is enough. He prescribed ammoxicilin and almost immediately our happy, fun-loving little boy returned to us! My, how we missed him! And after a bout of flu myself over Thanksgiving week, I am fully healthy again, too. Praise God! Since all is finally well, out came the camera again...

Posing with his special Aunt Jackie during a play date with cousin Brody.

Best buddies! Owen with his cousin Brody.

Check out my Batman jammies!

Daddy with his two best boys. And they're all smiling!

After about 17 attempts, we finally captured a decent family self-portrait for the Christmas card. Too bad O isn't smiling in this one!



  1. I love it! So so cute. The tree looks great and the all the pictures are awesome. What a beautiful family! I love you all.

  2. I love the new photos! your house looks so festive!! Your tree looks amazing, I am sure you are enjoying having it up in your house :) Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!

  3. So fun! We miss you too! We are setting up the table tonight for the Women's candlelight dinner and you will be missed even more!
    Hope the snow is treating you well!
    ♥ abby