Saturday, October 30, 2010


As promised, here are some goodies from my photo shoot with Owen this afternoon. Ryan took him trick-or-treating later this evening and he had a blast. I'm told that several people complimented him on having the best costume of the night! (Probably just because he's so gosh darn cute!)

(P.S. These are the same ones I posted on facebook.)

Oh, and the reason behind the lion costume is that his favorite "lovey" toy that he sleeps with every night and always has close at hand is a lion. Until he can tell me what he wants to be for Halloween, I will just continue to guess based on what I know. And a big thanks to Janan for letting us borrow this awesome costume!

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  1. so this last photo of Owen at the front door is now my screen saver at work :) it reminds me of the illustrations in the book Where The Wild Things Are.
    Good to see you for a little while on Sunday! I love having sissy time like that - it was really a nice few hours for me!! Love you