Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick update before Aruba

Just a quick update and some recent photos before we depart for Aruba! My sister Rachel is getting married on the beach and we leave early tomorrow morning to join her. Owen is staying home with his Grandma and Grandpa Peterson (God love them!) This will be the longest – and farthest – I've ever been away from him, so I'm a little sad, but am also looking forward to a nice, relaxing vacation with Ryan and the rest of my family.

We've had lots of things going on lately. Rachel's bridal shower and bachelorette party were the past two weekends (giving me some practice being away from Owen). And last weekend, Ryan, Jeff, and Todd laid a new floor in our house. It looks so much nicer than the pale tan vinyl you've seen in some of the pictures. We love it! And when we return from our trip, we get new granite countertops! Yay!!!

Ok, I'm off to finish packing while Owen takes his morning nap. Bon voyage!



Boxes, plastic, crinkly paper - it doesn't take much to entertain this guy.

Cool dude with his faded jeans, sunglasses, and red car.

The perfect little doggy (& baby!) bed. So comfy! O has been trying to say "Kinnick" lately, which comes out as "ditdit," or some variation of that.

Smashing Mommy's cell phone onto the ground over, and over, and over again is SO much fun!

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  1. Look at that devilish smile in the last photo! I know you are going to miss him while we are away - but I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!! Travel safe