Sunday, April 11, 2010

9 months

The past few weeks have been loads of fun and so much is happening with my big boy. Owen had his first haircut (which was probably long overdue) at the very capable hands of his Aunt Jackie a couple weeks ago. He was happily distracted by his new favorite food - Club crackers - while Jackie snipped away.

Check out the old man toupee/comb-over "before."
Mmmm...these crackers are so good! Big smiles!

Thanks, Aunt Jackie! I look so handsome!

BOTH of Owen's top front teeth have come in and they are HUGE! They kind of look like grown-up teeth, instead of baby teeth. : ) And, just to prove what a big boy he really is, he's completely rejected the pacifier altogether, only weeks before his nine-month birthday. That was easy! He still isn't crawling in the traditional manner (up on hands and knees), but he certainly gets what he's after by doing a weird sort of army crawl all across the floor. Gone are the days when I can step out of the room for a few moments and expect to find him in the same vicinity where I left him. And just tonight, we lowered the mattress in his crib because I recently found him on his knees hanging onto the side of the crib. It's only a matter of time before he can pull himself up to a full standing position, so better safe than sorry.

We plan to close on our new house in Muscatine in two weeks. Ryan and I will work on a few projects for a week and a half before we have the movers unload all our stuff. But very, very soon, we will once again have our own home!!! Look for pictures of Owen's new room soon!

More Photos

Happy Easter!

This photo expresses O's pure glee with the new tree swing at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Family photo on Easter Sunday.

The 9-month photo with Curious George.

Some fun videos

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