Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Owen's first word is...

Of course, he has no idea what he's saying, and assigns no actual meaning to it, but Owen spoke his first real word a few days ago. Much to Ryan's pleasure, and as predicted, it was of course, "dada" (or "daga," or "bada," etc.) It's pretty cute though, to listen to him really get going...he'll say it over, and over, and over. Check out this video, shot on the first night he debuted this new talent. (Apologies for the very brief nudity at the beginning :)

In other news, tooth number two has made an appearance. And Owen can now sit for much longer stretches, although he still comes tumbling down in time. He's even started making the first attempts at crawling, though no actual movement has taken place yet. He sort of rocks his butt back and forth a bit when he's on his tummy. But mostly, he just rolls around when we put him on the floor (he goes both ways now with ease.)

We are feeling a little cooped up lately and are anxious for spring to arrive. Or, if the temperatures would even get out of the "below freezing" category for a while, maybe we could enjoy a walk every once in a while. I'm pretty sure Kinnick would appreciate that as well. I am officially going on record to say that I despise midwest winters. Enough already.


Presents on Valentine's Day

Mutual admiration.
"Thanks for the gifts, Papa Vern!"
"You're welcome, O-man."

Valentine's Day love with G'ma and G'pa V.

Mom and Dad get in on the action, too.

Hungry boy. Just how wide can this kid open his mouth in anticipation of the next bite of food? (He does this for his bottle, too.)

More, please!!!

Those peas never stood a chance!

Bath time fun!

With daddy when he first started saying "dada." Ryan was so excited!

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