Sunday, September 27, 2009

11 weeks

Another week down in the record books... This week, Owen slept for six straight hours in the night for the first time! Yay! He only did it the one night, but I am hoping that's a sign that he'll be a good sleeper and start making it through the night soon!

He continues to enjoy lying on his back and watching anything moving...his mobile, the toys dangling from his play tunnel, the ceiling fan, Mommy's hands...whatever. It gives me a nice break once in a while because he's usually content to do that for at least 15-20 minutes at a time. Cheap entertainment! Also, I've been trying to get him to mimic me when I stick my tongue out at him and he finally did it for the first time tonight. Another milestone (however minor) to celebrate!

I am now officially done nursing and pumping (I guess I have been for a couple weeks now, but forgot to mention it before), so O is on a 100% formula diet. He does just fine; I'm quite sure he never knew the difference. I, on the other hand, still wish nursing would have worked out better for me, but I've long since come to terms with that and am now grateful for being able to eliminate the stress of pumping several times a day from my life. I didn't even realize just how stressful it was until I quit doing it. I will just say that I am a much happier, and more relaxed mommy now!

O in his "cancer" shirt (his astrological sign), a gift from Amanda and Will . It says, "born romantic, loves to be thoughtful." Sweet! But the sign is a crab after all, so that must be why he's such a crab sometimes.

At Green Lake in Seattle with Daddy, Colby, and baby Chloey. She is about a month and a half older than O, but he's such a chunk, he looks so much bigger than her!

"I just love staring up at Mommy & Daddy's ceiling fan! Good times."

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